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I spoke with a New York Times reporter about the ways in which outmoded US immigration laws define "consummation" as the criteria for a legitimate marriage certificate.

Utah is a Destination Wedding Spot, No Travel Required

The Publishers Weekly Interview

In "Performing Authenticity: PW Talks with Rebecca L. Davis," I reflected on what I learned about conversion's importance to ideas of truth in my new book, PUBLIC CONFESSIONS. Print and online, August 9, 2021.

The Best Books that Show Why Sex Matters to US History

Thanks to the good people at Shepherd.com, I had the opportunity to share some of my favorite books -- check it out!

Talking about elaborate engagements on Air Talk with Larry Mantle

I joined a conversation about the history of elaborate marriage proposals on a recent (January 2020) episode of AirTalk with Larry Mantle of KPCC in Los Angeles.

Sexing History: "Touch Me, I'm Yours"

I explain how conservative evangelical marital advice guides of the 1970s, like Marabel Morgan's The Total Woman, viewed the sexual politics of the changing American workplace.

Religion, Marriage, and Sexual Counterrevolutions

A lecture given at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University in St. Louis, May 9, 2014

How Religion Shapes the History of Sexuality

"Late Night Live" with Phillip Adams, ABC Radio National, Australia

I discussed MORE PERFECT UNIONS and the history of telling people how to be happily married.