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Rebecca Davis is a historian of twentieth-century American religion, sexuality, and culture. Her first book, MORE PERFECT UNIONS: THE AMERICAN SEARCH FOR MARITAL BLISS, explores the history of marriage counseling in the United States -- and helps explain both why Americans remain so uniquely obsessed with the pursuit of marital perfection and what that preoccupation means for the culture as a whole. She has a special interest in American religious history and often teaches courses on immigration, race, and ethnicity. In 2017 she became a producer and story editor for Sexing History, a podcast.

She is currently writing a book about how religious conversion exposed contentious ideas about the nature of the self and how much it could change in the postwar United States.

Recent Work

More Perfect Unions: The American Search for Marital Bliss

"[T]his book is a must-read for scholars in women's history and gender studies." -- Norma Basch, Journal of American History

"There could hardly be a more opportune time to have at hand Rebecca Davis's smart, thoughtful, and meticulously-researched new book of social history." -- Bella DePaulo, Living Single blog,